Bamboo Flooring


– Product: Bamboo flooring

– Size: 960*96*15mm

– Colour: Walnut stained, coffee, bordeaux stained, tiger strandwoven, so on

– Moisture: 8-12% max

–  Formaldehyden emission: under the CE requirement & Carb

–  Hardness: 1200-1600 on Janka hardness test

–  Installation: Nail down or glue down.

– Packing:  24pcs/carton

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Product Description


Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that produces new shoots without the need for replanting. For added durability, there’s Strand Bamboo. It’s actually twice as hard as Oak and is produced by compressing Bamboo fibers under extreme heat & pressure.


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